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Five things you didn’t know about Revolution

Composer Nicholas Keyworth and lyricist Michael Wilkinson

Composer Nicholas Keyworth and lyricist Michael Wilkinson

As Revolution heads for its West End showcase in December, today we reveal 5 things you perhaps didn’t know about this new musical.

1. It is the first British musical to be set in Bosnia.

2. The story was inspired by lyricist Michael Wilkinson’s travels to Mostar in Bosnia over the last five years.

3. Composer Nicholas Keyworth has played the piano at every single performance of the pilot production.

4. More than 1,100 people saw a sneak-peek pilot production at Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2012.

5. The first music for Revolution was written in a music room in the small Wiltshire town of Corsham.

We would like people to share one memory they have the show using the comments section below. What did you think about Revolution?

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